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Extensive word of mouth screenings with 11 media and brand partners, delivering £XXXK value and X,XXX,XXX reach.

The Challenge

For a great film, the cast and trailer were not likely to lead to ticket purchase on their own. Test screenings proved the reactions to the film were extremely positive and the word of mouth was likely to be the best audience driver. We were asked to source high profile media partners across all four quads and organise almost 200 screenings to deliver value, reach and mass participation.

The Solution

We arranged screenings for 11 partners across radio, print and brand loyalty including Sky, The Times, Saga, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Shortlist & Stylist, The Telegraph, Magic FM and Jazz FM. We staggered the screenings strategically across 4 weeks pre release to maximise the build in word of mouth.

The Results

With an attending audience of over 20,000, 99% rated the film good to excellent while 99.7% of guests said they'd recommend the film to a friend. Green Book grossed £10m in the UK with much of the success attributed to the positive word of mouth.

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  • 11 Partners
  • 182 Screenings
  • 25000 Customers
  • 1700000Reach