Research Screening

The Challenge

To gain insight into audience perception of flow and their understanding of the complex plot of new Matthew McConaughey film, Serenity.

The Solution

Working to a tight timeline we recruited several hundred audience members across a variety of demographics ensuring a strong presence in the 18-35 year old age bracket. We ran two test screenings - one in London and one in Reading - to determine regional difference as well as demogahic. We researched character empathy and reactions to pace across both cuts and posed questions to reveal understanding of the storyline. As well as broad audience reactions, we conducted focus groups in each location to delve deeper into audience perception.

The Result

A number of adjustments were made to the early cut to tighten up the pace and ameliorate the story telling. Ultimately the feature was sold to Sky Cinema in the UK and released as one of their first high profile Sky Cinema Originals.