Avengers: Infinity War

Fan Screenings

The Challenge

Disney intended to to create a secret fan screening for the new marvel title with the Russo brothers in attendance. The challenge was to ensure the screening was form that the location remain secret and and the audience was firmly fitted in its fanbase.

The Solution

Through our cinema audience database we segmented members who who had a strong desire to participate in marble activity and we're of an age that met demographic requirements of the campaign. Alongside a tweets by the Russo brothers themselves the audience was invited to enter for a chance to win tickets guaranteeing fairness and allowing us to hold back the location of the events until winner announcements on the morning of the event itself. We provided a location and staff to do a ticket swap to ensure the right number of winners attended and any overs were handled professionally away from the venue.

The Result

Over 10000 applications for tickets were received in the few days the campaign was live. Automated draw RSVP system kicked in in and seamlessly selected and notified winners on the day. The screen was filled and marvel fans had memories they would cherish and share for years to come.